By the efforts of Dr.Sudevan , Dr.L.Rajam, and then Superintendent, Dr.Madanmohan   separate ward was started at ward 6 and from 1992 onwards Neonatology division giving special care  for newborns was started. Now after various updated facilities we are giving Level III Neonatal Care.

  Now we provide facilities  like Newborn Hearing Screening Programme, Inborn Errors of Metabolisim Screening Project, High Risk Newborn Clinic, Well baby Clinic.

We’re here when your child deserves world-class medical treatment.

At ICH, we have NICU equipped and staffed to deliver a full-range of medical care services. From at-risk infants to critically ill neonates throughout the state, the NICU at ICH, Kottayam has been the preferred choice in intensive care for mothers, expectant mothers, and infants throughout INDIA.

Apart from various screening programmes like:-

newborn screening

OAE –hearing screening

,pulseoximetry screening

,ROP screening < 34 weeks /<1.75 kg babies,

We provide Comprehensive neonatal clinical services  via inborn nursery and out born nursery .It include advanced pharmacologic and nutritional support in collaboration with  pharmacologists and dieticians. We are actively engaged in several areas of research including neonatal ventilation; selective head/body cooling after hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy; effect of infant nutrition and nutritional supplementation on growth and development and subsequent brain function; pain control in neonates;; refinement of discharge planning and long-term follow-up as well as comprehensive medical management of complex NICU graduates. We are equipped with neonatal ventilators,surfactant therapy,bubble CPAP,phototherapy,exchange transfusion,parental nutrition,laminar airflow cabinet,USG,Doppler sevices..